Thank YOU for the Dance

Cherished friends & memories
I am so grateful for all the years I spent in the world of dance. I would not be the artist I am today were it not for everything dance gave to me. I am still dancing in my heart and long for the day to take up a new discipline... The Ballroom seems to be enticing me! As well as Dressage once again, and the art of dancing as one with a horse.

My roots in dance were thoroughly nurtured and allowed to grow wings by Fabyenne Gosselin, who will always be my guiding artistic light and inspiration. Fabyenne - Thank YOU for the dance! and all the thousands of others you have touched so profoundly.

Another reason for writing this article is to pay tribute to a wonderful, talented and bright star Jenna Katherine Morrison, who tragically passed away in the last week. Your light continues to shine in all of us. Your memory will last forever especially the vision of you dancing your solo in Fabyenne's hauntingly beautiful choreography in The Mission.