Launching at The Derby Arms

Spring & New Horizons
Article submitted by Anjali 26.5.10

It all began on a snowy, festive, wintry day back in December. Once again we were treated with a huge snowfall which really set the mood for our daughter’s Christmas Concert. After watching angels and shepherds and listening to the delightful voices of the children singing Christmas carols we decided to march through the magical winter wonderland on the Downs for a lunch treat at the Derby Arms.

On arrival, we were warmly greeted by the wonderful staff and the aroma and crackling of a wood fire within, which we quickly utilised to dry out all our wet clothes. During our scrumptious lunch it occurred to me once again, here we are in the heart and home of Thee Derby, surrounded by a multitude of renowned racing yards and studs and something is missing. Steeped in so much history it has certainly been a huge driving force for me to celebrate and showcase just how special this area is. What was missing is to see local images of all the fantastic races the superb racecourse hosts throughout the season.

With the invaluable support and vision of Laurence Davey at The Derby Arms, I set about to specifically create horse racing canvas artwork for each wall and area, whilst still being sympathetic to the decor. After several visits to refine dimensions, colours and hues and indeed to ensure I was showcasing my range of styles and perspectives on various races at Epsom.

With the kind help from friends, family and neighbours, launch day approached and my 7 new horse racing canvases and artist plaques were up and finally on show on Friday the 26th of March 2010. On the Sunday I provided a presentation to the staff of The Derby Arms, in order that I could give them as much background on myself and for each piece.
The thrill of it all is that all my canvases are available to purchase directly off the wall and we only had to wait 10 days before our 1st canvas sold – “Racing on Air on Black”!!!

Go for lunch and walk out with a piece of artwork!! Why not!!!