Annual Spring Visit to RHS Wisley & The Spring Meeting at Epsom - April

Spring Flowers & Racing Season Begins
Every year at the start of Spring, we make an annual family visit to RHS Wisley. We pack a scrumptious homemade picnic of freshly baked scones, homemade strawberry or blackberry jams, some creamy butter and of course a hot thermos filled with luxurious drinking cocoa!

The celebration of life in all it's beauty and array of colours is always a spectacle to behold and the lens can never fully capture the entirety of it all. With tulips and daffodils creating neverending carpets of colour and then you look up and see all the rhodos, camelias and magnolias bursting into little fireworks of sculpted petals. I can't resist but to dive into these wonderful flowers with my lens to capture an intimate view of one petal or just a few layers.

To view some of these delights just click on the "FLOWERS" Gallery